It’s been so hard to explain love, it’s so beautiful if it’s well experienced and understood. I say this because someone put me down by saying love is just rubbish. Isn’t it like the fish out of the ocean searching for the ocean. I am blessed to know about the love on the cross. Today […]

Today when I open my bible I do see right at the start on the binding blank page names written of the family who gifted it to me on my wedding. Those were the days where I use to not find any meaning or profound thought behind gifting a Bible when couples get married. In […]

We have lovely conversations with our children. Have you ever noticed the questions they throw at you? So, there you go, since many days I messaged cousin of my, a mentor questions they throw at you? I too had one, this morning. My daughter asked me ‘Dada, which is the favourite part of your body?’ […]

It’s strange how evil gets you rock bottom and God is aware, what’s happening! What’s going on, Have you ever thought the other way?. As I read my next chapter from the book of Acts Chapter 16; the Roman authorities removed the robe of Paul and Silas and whipped them up. They were Roman citizens […]

Life – living isn’t fucking easy ; the profile picture mentioned on somebody’s profile. When I am stuck with some crossroads in life I call up my lifelines one of them say don’t worry this shall pass, God is testing you. It’s been years seriously can’t wait anymore. Sometimes things are so worse that you […]

Corridors, benches remind me of the days of school as I enter with my kid on an open day. Best buddies hang around, tease, fun and play around. Days, months and years will pass they will grow up as the years pass by. Few would excel in academics few may not but days aren’t far […]

Why can’t you be excited in life? Why can’t you live in that moment? When your toddler baby spots you, there you are ! All the baby is excited about running into you, holding you. Its not the same when you are in the crowd. Society around you doesn’t care much all they want is […]

I understand everyone is a step ahead when technology is at our finger tips. I say this because readers have option to read from Kindle or Google Playbook. But I can’t get out of a paperbook. Holding of a paperbook in hand is a different feel. Mark your favourite lines, fold the tip of the […]

It takes a mile to think and smile at the society we pass by the world we reside in. Did you ever look at the mirror and smile at yourself? We often come across the word forgiveness it’s too familiar but seldom we give away the unknown power. Truly it requires great courage to seek […]

She’s got a broom, she is sweeper and that doesn’t make it any common. It’s huge broom long enough to hold and she is the sweeper on the street. It was a Saturday the day was in a phase to set. A pilgrimage of a saint was rallied by the road with great band and […]